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Our commitments

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A commitment to quality shared by all our employees

Our continuous monitoring of the food safety and traceability of the dairy products and the respect of deadlines are the guarantees of high quality standards that leads to high customer satisfaction.
Our food safety policy is reflected both in our ISO 22000 certification awarded by an independent organization and in the rigorous selection of our suppliers of dairy products.

This total quality management approach, where every employee is regarded as an essential part of the process, and is committed to, is the basis of the relationships of trust and long-term collaboration with our customers throughout Europe.

logo ISO 22000

ISO 22000 Certification

Since 2008, Alimpex has been ISO 22000 certified, guaranteeing the food safety of our products, in accordance with our customers’ expectations.

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VLOG Certification

Since 2019, Alimpex has obtained the VLOG certification which validates the “without genetically modified organisms from herds” commitment, for part of its milk purchases.

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Organic Agriculture Certification

Organic certification started in 2013 with cow’s milk, it is now also expanded to sheep and goat’s milk.

Well-being of our employees

Our commitment to the workplace well-being of our employees means guaranteeing their safety, improving their quality of life at work, and developing their skills to offer high quality solutions with excellent execution in order to satisfy our customers and supplier partners.

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